Suggestions for Mother/Son dance at a wedding?
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I'm getting married. My mom wants to dance with me. What are some suggestions for songs to dance to? Nice, quiet songs that aren't too long would be great!
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Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World?
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I danced with my father to Clem Snide's "Find Love" which has a great sentiment any parent can relate to about wanting their child to find love, but it isn't as overdone or cliché as some of the more obvious choices I found on a lot of Father/Daughter dance lists. Also, it's not gender specific at all, so it would work for you if you like it.
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Does she have any favorite artists? If it were my mom it would be Nat King Cole ("unforgettable" too romantic?), James Taylor ("how sweet it is"), Carole King, something folky and sweet. "What a Wonderful World" by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole or Louis Armstrong seems nice and universally enjoyed. Stevie Wonder, "you are the sunshine of my life". "Stand by Me" would offer a sweet sentiment.
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The best mother/son dance I've seen at a wedding was danced to The Rainbow Connection.
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My dad and I danced to Summertime From Porgy and Bess for our father/daughter dance at my wedding.
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Are there any songs she sang to you when you were a child? I think those songs make the sweetest choices. My dad is gone now, but I would give anything to dance with him to You Are My Sunshine.
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Shop Around. ;) Nah, seriously, finding one that fits your relationship with your mom is something of a numbers game. Google turns up a bunch of lists, and you can search for "top mother son songs 2014" "top mother son songs country" and so forth.
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My Dad and I danced to, "Just the way you look tonight." Cut a mighty fine rug too.

Another nice one might be, "They can't take that away from me." That would be lovely without any of the Gag factor of "Have I told you lately that I love you?"
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My son and I danced to "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac. Not one dry eye in the room at the end after I handed him to his wife to dance the last verse.
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Peter Gabriel's version of Summertime. I plan that one, hopefully, for my two sons and daughter.
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The Beatles' "In My Life" was mine. It's a beautiful song, slow tempo and mercifully short.
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