Help me find the song in "Oblivion Sky Tower Exclusive Featurette"
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Can anyone help me find the song that plays from 0s to 30s and 1m30s to 2m10s in the aforelinked Oblivion video? I wasn't able to find it in the soundtrack.
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Do you have access to a smart phone and the Shazam app? That might help. (I'm at work and can't listen to the links right now.)

Also: Oblivion is an awesome and underrated movie, and the music (in the movie and the extra features) is indeed great.
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That does not sound like a part of the actual movie, but just background music for the video. There is a feature on the dvd (at least on mine) where you can just listen to the music instead of the voices in the movie. Maybe you can find it there. But I have seen this movie and listened to the music only portion many times and this does not sound familiar to me.
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I listened again and tried to Shazam it, but it's underneath too much dialog. It certainly sounds like M83, but like Fullofcrazy says, it's probably written just for the featurette, or it might have been from a deleted scene, or demo music for the movie.

M83 has official Twitter and Facebook accounts. Maybe a message there would be helpful.
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