Help me find more books like The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon!
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I recently read The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon and I really liked a lot of the elements she used. I'm looking for stories in the same vein. I tried a couple book rec websites, but didn't really find what I was looking for.

Elements I liked:
1. The story dealt with (and was based on) paranormal events/people/beings, but not ghosts, as we would normally think of them.

2. The little details that kept me guessing about what was coming, who did what, and what happened. The element of surprise and doubt planted throughout, basically.

3. The setting - historical and modern-day Vermont, but location doesn't matter as much as type of geography. I liked how there were a lot of natural elements involved, some more magical/fantastical than others (the hole/cave at the end, for those who've read the book).

4. The reader was let in on how the paranormal events were created (the diary of one of the main characters). Also along these lines, the story within a story element (the "aunt", the diary) and the interweaving of various people with different lives all tied together by what happened long ago.

What I'm not looking for:

1. Vampire stories

2. Stories that aren't well-written and/or don't tie things together.

Also, for anyone who has read McMahon's other books, how do they compare to The Winter People?
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I have not read this specific book, but reading over what you enjoyed about it reminded me of Donna Tartt's first novel, The Secret History.
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The Night Strangers by Chris Bohjalian comes to mind.

Harvest Home and The Other by Thomas Tryon.

Mystery writers Susan Hill and Sophie Hannah have both written some books with some level of paranormal.

And honestly, certain books by Stephen King. The Tommyknockers, maybe.
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