Importing hyperlinks into Excel
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As users of Excel may know, only one hyperlink is allowed per cell. I'm trying to import HTML tables in which there are sometimes two hyperlinks per cell. The Excel importer does not seem to like this, so it gets rid of the link. Is there any way around this?

What I am talking about is HTML in which a single TD might look like this:

Here is a pair of links.

But when import it to Excel it looks like this:

Here is a pair of links.

Unless I am mistaken, this doesn't happen where there is just one hyperlink. So I think Excel is stripping it. Any ideas much appreciated. I have tried programatically adding extra TDs to break things up but it has been a headache.
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Did you try unchecking the "Import blocks into columns" box? It's under the "Web Query Options" menu on the right of the pop-up that appears when you use the Data -> From Web sequence. (That's in Excel 2010... I don't know where it is in other versions).
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What do you want the behavior to be -- retain the first link?
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I'd be inclined to clean up all whistespace, then flatten out the html tables to CSV, adding newlines after any </tr> and stripping all tags, replacing with say a pipe ( | ) character. I think html tables come with too much overhead, you want to simplify where you can.
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