Mac/Google Calendar continues to list EDT/EST months after moving
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I have a Google Calendar synced with my Mac (Yosemite) where I had a full year's events added while living in Toronto. I moved 3 months ago to the West Coast and changed all settings to Pacific Time, but when I check on the individual upcoming events from this calendar, I find either the event itself is off by 3 hours (urgh) or the TZ itself is still listed as Eastern (less problematic, but annoying).

I have 'Set time zone automatically using current location' on & 'Set time and date automatically' on with Apple's US servers.

I did some more checking re iCloud after reading this Apple Discussions Forums item about iCloud's TZ support and have confirmed that it is set to Pacific Time correctly.

I gather the TZ support is set when the user enters the event into the calendar initially, so wherever you set the TZ, that's the TZ that gets baked into the event permanently.

Does this mean I have to re-do the events (for the rest of the year, basically) from here? (If so, I'll just do next year's events for this calendar in December.)

Thanks everyone.
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This is a Google Calendar specific setting.

In Google Calendar, click the gear icon in the upper right, then pick Settings.

Set "Your Current Time Zone" to Pacific.
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Wow, thanks!!
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No problem.
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