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I cannot seem to find a good app that will let me: 1) have recurring tasks 2) allow me to check them off as done (like disappear or strike or some other indicator) 3) presented in calendar form (not a "reminders" list). I don't ask for much. I have checked out many many free apps, none of which accomplish what I want. I'm sure this gem is a paid app and I will gladly fork over based on a suggestion, knowing my criteria. I have yet to find one that has all three of these requirements spelled out. Thanks!
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Does TeuxDeux work? Recurring tasks, calendar-based, Markdown, mobile interface, nicely designed.
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I use BusyCal, which definitely has 1 and 3. I'm now sure about 2, however. You can download a trial version and check it out!

Edit: actually, after looking at their screen grabs, it does allow you to check off completed tasks. It might be exactly what you're looking for.
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I love TeuxDeux.
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Response by poster: You guys/gals are the best!
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Omnifocus does this, quite complex though.
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I used Timeful for a while and liked it. The smart-scheduling is particularly good. It's not got a Mac app (yet) but I believe one is in the works. There's a limited web beta at the moment.
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Response by poster: Regarding BusyCal screenshots - I have to laugh at the TPS reports and the Red Swingline.
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