How to watch a bit of Dodger ephemera?
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Is there a way I can watch a bit of a baseball game that wasn't really the game?

Vin Scully has nothing to fear. But I found out that for yesterday's Dodger game, my nephew and my sister-in-law got to say "It's time for Dodger Baseball!" Which is a... thing... I guess? The Angelenos in my Facebook feed are all quite excited about it.

So I'm up here in GiantsLand, and don't catch much in the way of Dodger games. Is this an announcement just made in the stadium, or is it broadcast as well? And if it was broadcast, is there any way I can watch that part of the broadcast? I'd love to see it.
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I'm watching the archive of the Dodgers broadcast on and at :45 or so into the broadcast Vin Scully says his usual "It's time for Dodger baseball!" so I assume that means it wasn't on TV. I have a feeling it's one of those things where they have someone in the stadium say it on the Jumbotron, though I've never made it to a Dodgers game so I'm not entirely sure.
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