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Where can I find the sound of the Shofar blasts in long-play - without any other instrument - one hour or more on the net, in any format? Been looking and all I can find is short blasts.
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Just to clarify: Are you looking for 1+ hour shofar blasts? You might piece that together by editing "shorter" blasts, but the Shofar is powered by human breath, and that's just not going to happen for an hour without pausing to breathe, even if there was a reason to do it.
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Not sure what you're asking for - do you mean the full shofar service (which is nowhere near an hour long, and consists mostly of short blasts by its nature)? Or someone playing a sustained musical piece for that length of time using a shofar as an instrument? I'm not sure the latter exists; it isn't a part of Jewish liturgy.
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Response by poster: I just want shofar BLASTING - over and over - whatever service - could be from High Holidays - or could be just someone blasting it for blasting sake. I know it was once used for purification purposes.
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Response by poster: And if there is something pieced together - that would be cool as well. As long as it was just the Shofar and nothing added.
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Best answer: I would guess that unless someone has done a super-cut, you'll have a hard time. Sounding the shofar is part of a prayer, for the most part.

There is a Folkways LP that is called Call of the Shofar. You can buy single tracks on the Folkways website. I can't remember off the top of my head which ones have no talking.
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Best answer: Here's a pretty clean set (no voices, good intonation). Starts out with the traditional blasts, then goes to variations I don't recognize (could be sephardic, but the source is Christian/messianic so could also just be made up / based in non-Jewish tradition altogether), ending with a crazy long tekiyah gedolah (long blast). You could loop this fairly easily.
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone who replied. Much obliged!
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