Forums for Grammar Nerds?
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I feel like I should be able to find this somehow, but I'm just not having much luck - where do grammar nerds go online? I'd like to find some forums. I've found a few language blogs (and if you can recommend more of those, too, I'd appreciate it) and a couple of grammar forums, but they weren't quite what I'm looking for. I want a place to really geek out on grammar/language - sentence diagramming, obscure grammatical rules, history of the English language, etc.
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What have you already found? E.g., I assume you know about Language Log? (with posts like graph of languages that are Greek to other languages in other languages)
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Well, there is the English Language and Usage StackExchange site.
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I've been following Language Log for a little while. English Language and Usage I just found a few days ago. The majority of the ones I've found so far are for ESL students. The Grammar Exchange and the Grammar forum on are a bit closer to what I'm looking for. I guess I want a Language Lovers Forum, where it's not just about asking specific questions in the hope of getting answers, but having fun with language.
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Surely you know of our own beloved languagehat and his excellent site
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There are 2700 people on the Facebook group for the language-related radio show I do. It's mostly about fun.
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