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I have a one person business, and need software to manage my appointments with clients. I have spent (wasted) a lot of time investigating different applications that end up having fatal flaws, so I am hoping that someone out there will be familiar with an app that meets a few simple criteria.

Here are the key features I require. So far I have not found an app that meets these requirements:
- Clearly shows 15 minute increments. (I have been working from Google Calendar but it does not show 15 minute increments)
- time zone awareness. I work on Skype with an international client base. When they receive a confirmation email, it needs to show the appointment time for their time zone
- monthly, weekly and daily calendar views. Many applications that were otherwise acceptable do not offer this.

What would also be helpful but I’m exhausted so I’m willing to compromise:
- padding. A meeting may run for 90 minutes, but I would like the software to automatically schedule an additional 15 minute time block to allow the down time that I need in-between appointments.
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Back when I was scheduling sessions for my dissertation study, I used this:
They have a free trial if you want to try it out.

Outlook, at least the Windows version, also has several of the features you mention, including time zone awareness.
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The Windows version of Outlook 2013 exactly meets your first three criteria.

It won't do the automatic padding out of the box, though. If you're not afraid of working with VBA (the programming language for Microsoft Office), there is a script that will do what you want here: Automatically Reserving Travel Time for Outlook Meetings.

This script appends time to the beginning AND end of the meeting, but you (or a developer that you pay in donuts or pizza) could modify it in half an hour or less to only append the extra time to the end.
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Are these appointments that clients book online? My massage therapist uses Full Slate and it works pretty well. I'm pretty sure it has 15 minute increments, but I don't know about the padding or time zone awareness.
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My hairdresser uses Schedulicity and it seems to be awfully flexible/powerful.
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I used to use* YouCanBookMe for this. Handles whatever increments you specify, syncs with GCal, handles time zones nicely, and lets you set auto-padding.

*Past tense only because I don't work for myself anymore, not because I had any troubles with or outgrew the product.
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My company likes ScheduleOnce.

For something simpler, what about Doodle?
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My company uses ScheduleOnce as well.
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