I don't want that notification Google
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Google desktop notifications keeps telling me when there is a significant change in the value of JC Penney stock. I don't care about the company. I don't own any of the stock. I don't care about the stock price. I don't want these notifications. There seems to be no way to tell Google I'm not interested in this. Am I just missing a setting flag somewhere?
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On my Windows 7 machine, in the tool tray, there is a bell (at least it looks like a bell to me). Click on it. Then click on the settings gear. This will bring up a list of all the programs that have authorization to make a desktop notification. It is coming from inside...one of those programs. You could turn them all off and add them back one by one to determine which program is generating the notice if it is not obvious on first looking.

There has not been a material change in the value of JCP in a few months.
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Does it appear in your Google Alerts or Google Finance portfolios? Or is it a Google Now notification?
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