Does a wedding planning CMS exist?
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I know of many online plan your own wedding sites, but what I'm looking for is one which I can host on a server of my own, probably some sort of PHP/MySQL based affair that will manage things like the RSVP, menu choices, gift lists etc, and also allow me to send emails to specific groups such as "Family of Groom, Family of Bride, Bridesmaids, Catering Staff" etc etc.
posted by dougrayrankin to Computers & Internet (3 answers total) has a weddings group which discusses customizing drupal for your purposes. There are also many wedding themes for drupal. You might look for conference organizing nodules, since many of the functions ate similar.
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"Modules", missed the edit window.
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I know a couple who made a BaseCamp project for everything related to their pregnancy. The Mom had the final deliverables.
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