AIM messages in Gmail -- stop!
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As of very recently, I'm getting AIM messages not just opening up in AIM, but also in my Gmail. I want to receive the messages in AIM, but I do not want to them also to appear as an email in Gmail. How do I fix this?

My AIM username is a gmail email address, but the account itself is a regular AIM account. I've always used the AIM program as well (I'm on a Mac).

However, recently I tried to start a new chat with someone who's on Google Talk. Via AIM, I sent a friend request to his account, but he didn't receive it. He sent me one from Google, but I didn't receive it. Though he'd never had problems chatting with AIM people before, somehow this didn't work and we were unable to chat with each other... so we tried different solutions.

One of the solutions was me adding Google Talk as an account on my AIM. Also I started using Messages on Mac instead of AIM. In the end we sorted it out, and I de-linked the Google Talk account from my AIM (in Messages) because I didn't want all my many Google contacts to appear in my Messages/AIM.

However, even though the accounts are not linked to my knowledge (not in Messages, not in AIM, hell, even in Gmail I've specifically turned Chat off), I get emails in my Gmail inbox that have the subject line "Chat with [aim account]" and have the content of one half of our AIM conversation (the other person's messages to me, not mine to them). I don't want to receive these emails. How do I make them stop?
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I'm not sure specifically how to make those emails stop, but I can suggest you filter those emails... if the subject line is the same for every conversation, then click on the message's 'more' down-arrow button (at least, that's how it looks from my end) and click 'filter messages like this', then use the subject field if the subject is always the same, then just have it be deleted.

Hope this makes sense?
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Who is sending the "Chat with [account]" messages? If it's something from or, then it seems like you'd want to attack the problem from the AIM side of things. Perhaps there's a setting in AIM you're unaware of? Do the messages have any sort of "unsubscribe" link in the footer?
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The person sending the "Chat with" messages is someone I'm IMing with via AIM. I'm looking and looking in AIM and Messages and as far as I can see, the Google account is totally disconnected, and the only account that's active is the AIM itself... No unsubscribe link.

The filter idea is a good one, thanks (though I'm always worried about accidentally a filter catching something I didn't want...).
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In Gmail, in the chat pane on the left, click the down arrow next to your userpic and select Show in chat list: All Contacts. Do you see any entries at the bottom?
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There are some, yes, including the person I've been getting these IM conversation emails with.
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Ok great. Hover over that person's name/ address in the list, and in the pop-up window that appears click "contact info". This will load their contact page, and it will either contain only their AOL email address/screen name (if they were added only though AIM) or it will have their real name and other contact info, plus their screen name as an email address and/or an IM contact if you've had contact with them through email, etc. If it's the former, click More at the top of the screen and delete the contact. If it's the latter, and you wish to retain their other contact info, simply delete all mention of their AOL account from the contact page. Repeat this for any other addresses in the list.
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I think that worked!!

Not sure why these emails were only appearing now but that seems to have fixed it -- thanks!
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