Leg Pillows: What's your favorite one?
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I need a recommendation for a leg pillow.

Referring to the contoured pillows placed between the thighs for extra back support while sleeping on one's side (as opposed to the under-leg wedges for sleeping on one's back).

Most of the ones I've checked out have bad reviews outlining problems like it flattens too easily, or it's not durable, or it slips around at night even with light movement. Does anyone have one that they really really like? Things or brands to look for in descriptions?
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I have never been able to get those weird contoured ones to work for me -- my legs just aren't shaped like that? Plus I usually don't sleep with my legs together, at least not consistently. What matters is raising your top leg to a good height, not separating the legs, which is what those contour pillows does. Traditionally I've just used a regular pillow of the right height and firmness (determined via lots of lying down in the aisle of stores that sell pillows). Currently I'm using a throw pillow I got at Bed Bath & Beyond because it's a little smaller (this one, I'm pretty sure) and has a good firmness and I can shove about at will.
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I use a body pillow*. It's the only way I've found to get any real stability.

*Which are two pillows of my preferred firmness put into a body pillowcase.
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I have a down pillow that has its filling separated into 3-4 sections such that it has resisted flattening out over 3 years of use. I think it's from Pacific Coast? The logo looks familiar. Anyway it is excellently supportive of the leg I need to elevate for arthritis reasons when laying on my side.
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I used to use a body pillow. After a couple years, the pillow got smushed in the middle, but it did its job.
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