ID this typeface?
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Can someone id this typeface for me? Likely late 1800s-early 1900s.
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Although you might find a type which roughly matches, the writing in the image is hand-lettered.
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Yeah, that looks pretty clearly hand-calligraphed to me; look at the subtle differences between each 'a', for example.
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Hmm, ok - a suggestion for a typeface that is in the same ballpark would be appreciated, then. Clean, elegant, easy to read.
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That looks hand-lettered to me, although you might have some luck finding a font in a similar style using search terms like "edwardian": e.g. Howlett, Crewkerne.
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Fontsquirrel has a free font called Kelmscott Roman that is similar in feel.
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It's great that the font bcwinters links to is "Kelmscott Roman" because your example looks a lot like the products of the Kelmscott Press under William Morris in the 1890s. You might look into them more if you like that look.
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