How do I host my MRI (with auto launcher) on the internet for my doctor?
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My doctor abroad wants me to send him my MRI so he can review it. I used microsoft one drive, but the way I did it failed (twice) help?

First I tried dragging and dropping the E: drive (dvd drive) to the microsoft one drive, it just copied "bookmarks" of the files on the DVD. Next I copied 1 by 1 the image files, but apparently they aren't viewable without the accompanying software on the dvd (MRI image viewing software). When I look at the E: drive there are 4 folders: fscommand, Label, P0000001, Reviewer. There is a file called Autorun, a file called DICOMDIR, and an application called "Launch" and an Icon called Launch".

How can I host this dvd to the internet so my doc can review it, and will he have to burn it back to DVD? Thanks
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Zip the contents of the DVD so everything becomes one file.
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I'd make a image file of the DVD using ImgBurn and then your doctor could either burn the DVD from said file or use a virtual DVD drive to read the image directly.
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I think the words you want are 'disk image', though the file might be huge.
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I've done this before. I copied everything from the disc onto my hard drive and sent it as a zip file. I think I shared it from DropBox rather than attaching to an email.
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The image files themselves are in the P0000001 directory and you should be able to provide a zip file of that dir to the doc, if they are even halfway clued in. As Invisible Green Time-Lapse Peloton points out, these files are a standard type in the medical business called DICOM that should be quite familiar to the doc or at the very least to their IT support. The rest of the stuff is just an auto-loading viewer than in most cases should be prevented from running on the doc's machines anyhow.
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Ask your doc how you can get him the study. He may just ask you to mail him the disc.

If the hospital he's affiliated with or his practice uses a medical image sharing application like lifeIMAGE they can accept the MRI as easily as sending you a link which you use to log into the system and upload your images.

Otherwise, just make a copy of the disc and mail it to him or make a zip archive of the contents of the disc, put it in your dropbox and share the link.

DO NOT "host" your MRI images online yourself unless you find a HIPAA compliant service provider. Probably it will be fine if you did but why put your personal health information out on the internet?

Having done a quick google search for medical image sharing it looks like image32 has a paid plan you could use:

Or this: myinteleVAULT found through intelemage.

I don't any experience with any of them with the exception of lifeIMAGE which is used where I work so I'm unable to recommend a specific one.
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By the way, in my experience, many doctors are surprisingly inept when it comes to computers. So I wouldn't assume too much knowledge on the part of your doctor (e.g., he may not know how to burn a DVD from an image file that you host on-line).
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