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We want to print our wedding photos in a book for family. What website has cheap (and very good) wedding books? Any recommendations are appreciated.
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Adoramapix is pretty cheap. I would avoid snapfish, they are not good quality.
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I've only had prints made through them, but I was really satisfied with ordering through Nations Photo Lab. I thought the pricing was very fair and the colors came out true to the originals. (Warning: I did think the ordering form was a little confusing.)
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Blurb is good, and they always have tons of online coupons.
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I have been really happy with Shutterfly. Right now books are 50% off. I usually prepare my photo books but leave them in my account until a 40% or 50% off sale then make my order.
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I've used both Shutterfly and Blurb and been pleased with both. I found Blurb to be better quality, but also more expensive. Coupons are usually readily available for both.
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I used Adoramapix for my wedding photos and it turned out beautifully. Shutterfly is definitely cheaper though, so if that's your priority, their quality is very good for the price and they often run sales. Sign up for their email list and don't pay full price.
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I used MyPublisher for my wedding album. I really loved it. If you sign up on their email list they send out 50% off coupons periodically.
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We are about to do a book that will probably get reprinted later, do one order of 5, then another 10 in a couple of months. We decided on blurb for consistent pricing, over a cheaper coupon but higher base prices in case other people got stuck with non-sale prices later. If you're printing it in one go, aggressive search for coupons.
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We got a Shutterfly album as a wedding gift and it's lovely. As of a year ago I can recommend.
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I'm a big fan of Mixbook - especially how much control you have over customizing the page designs - and they typically have coupon codes for 40-60% off. Try it out and see what you think. Maybe you won't enjoy having so much control over the look of the book (in which case you'll want to try out Shutterfly). There's no commitment until you place an order.
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