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I got my theater tickets at a discount, and I could join the Portland City Club at a discount (if I lived in Portland...). I'm 27 and want to find out about other discounts for the under-30 crowd. Where should I be looking? I live in Berkeley and tend to be into things like politics, theater, culture, etc., but general suggestions are welcome. Thank you!
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The Berkeley Rep has half-price tickets if you're under 30, which may be what you're referring to in your first sentence? But putting it out there if not.
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AAA and your local npr station have discounts for members.
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Response by poster: Sorry, just to clarify: I'm looking for discounts that I can get specifically because of my age, not just general discounts.
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I highly recommend the Commonwealth Club - politics, culture, food, current events, etc., something for everyone. And a discount for the under 35.
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Shotgun Players have a season-ticket discount if you're 38 years or younger.
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Just to add to theodolite, The Shotgun Players were one of my favorite things about living in Berkeley.
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Check local museums, theaters and art house cinemas. Each place may have their own program.
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It's not under 30, but the San Francisco Opera has their BRAVO! CLUB, which is limited to members aged 21-40.
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The SF Jewish Film Festival opens next week, and offers a $30 pass for anyone under 35. You can see a lot of movies for those $30.
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