How to get my prescription filled through an internet pharmacy legally?
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I got a prescription from my doctor for the generic of xanax. Kroger and walgreens rip me off, and I heard a lot of the online pharmacies are cheaper. How do I go about finding a reputable one to give me the generic, at a good price? (I'm in Ohio USA, and I'm willing to wait for it to be shipped) Thank you.
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I don't believe you can get that online legally. Alprazolam is a controlled substance in the schedule IV category. My guess is that anything you would get from outside the country would be counterfeit, and might get you a criminal record if it's authentic.
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Response by poster: I heard as long as you have a legitimate prescription, you can get it from online pharmacies. It won't get me a criminal record, I have a prescription for it.
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You cannot get xanax legitimately from an online pharmacy. I know because I have a xanax RX and I can use an online pharmacy for all of my other prescriptions except for that one. My doctor won't even submit it to the online pharmacy or fax it to a brick-and-mortar pharmacy; I have to get a paper RX and take it in person to the store.
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Look at for price comparisons. I put in my zip (in NEO) and got Walmart as the cheapest.

And I don't think you can get it through the mail either. I have to take a paper script into the pharmacy for Klonopin.
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First, do you have your legally mandated health insurance? If so, alprazolam is pretty much in the value tier of absolutely any insurance.

If not: Keep calling around. Pharmacy prices vary wildly, but there's no reason anyone should be paying more than $10/month for this. Rite aid is cheaper, as is Costco (pro-tip: you don't need a membership to use their pharmacy). If neither of these is an option, just keep calling around. Local non-chain pharmacies sometimes have good prices on the basics.

Also: not insured? Explore discount cards, especially state gov't subsidized ones. Way under a minute worth of googling turned up this. I don't know where you are, but if you're near Columbus, CVS will fill a 30 day prescription for 2mg alprazolam (double-pro-tip: you absolutely don't need that much) for $10 and some change. Even if you're not near Columbus, you probably have a CVS near you.

And lastly, don't screw around with non-legit online pharmacies. If you were looking for something interesting, then maybe, but this is very much not worth the risk.

On preview: allow me to quadruple that last warning. Please don't use an online pharmacy that doesn't have a 100% legit presence somewhere in your state.
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Response by poster: Yeah i'm in Columbus
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And just to be completely clear: if you order a controlled substance from an online pharmacy that isn't completely authorized to operate in your jurisdiction, you absolutely could end up with a criminal record for it.
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And having just looked at your posting history (sorry, this post raised some flags for me), it looks like you're not a US citizen. Please, for the love of god, don't mess around with sketchy online pharmacies just to save a couple dollars on your xanax. This isn't worth a deportation.
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I order my BC through Medco. You can sign up and try. Your doctor will have to fax the Rx to them, but I've ordered lost of Rxs from them and never had a problem. I have not, however, ordered Xanax.
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In case online pharmacies end up not being an option due to the type of drug, you can also try Costco. You don't have to be a member to buy from the pharmacy. I think that they list their prices on their website as well.
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I have a prescription for another drug on the same schedule. I have to get a paper prescription and physically take it to the pharmacy, it cannot be called/faxed in. My doctor's office has a pharmacy in the waiting room. When I get a refill, I have to go get it from the receptionist and walk it across the waiting room to the pharmacy.
Doctors absolutely cannot call/fax in one of these schedule of drugs, evidently some federal laws passed a couple years ago. They can call in my pain meds - hydrocodone, but not my ADD meds.

Lucky me, the last time I went to see the doc and get everything refilled, I had to get a blood test (some new federal reg) so they could see I wasn't an abuser.. somehow...
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And if you are a Costco member and you don't have prescription coverage you can join their own plan free of charge and get your meds at an even lower price. It might be worth joining just for that. I'm on my phone but you can search their site or my recent posting history for links.
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I have to get a paper RX and take it in person to the store.

Within the US this must vary by state, because I have never had to do anything other than have it sent in from the doctor's office.

But if we are talking outside the US, the the asker should ignore any answer that talks about US drug laws because they are obviously not relevant.
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The asker lives in Columbus, Ohio, Dip Flash.
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If you don't have insurance, check out various pharmacies' discount programs. You pay a small annual fee and have access to a huge list of generics at a lower price.
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Medco will fill benzos.

I used to get clonazepam from medco and you had to put the physical paper prescription (including prescribers DEA number) into the mail to get the rx filled. All other scrips could go through the electronic system.

I don't know how you get hooked up with medco as a standalone person, it was just the default option for maintenance medication on my insurance plan at the time. medco is legit and convenient.
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Recently there was an article about the rise in the price of generic drugs as well as the patented. You might have to pay the new, greedier price wherever you go.
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Your insurance probably contracts with a mail order pharmacy. This is usually much cheaper than a regular pharmacy, though they will take forever the first time you order.
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Here's what say's you'll pay in Columbus, OH. Basically $10 per month. THAT'S a rip-off? Really? That's without using a pharmacy benefit from your health plan.

So rather than have them run it through your health insurance, ask to pay the regular price.

Online pharmacies that aren't run by a legitimate health plan, Merck Medco, Express Scrips or Caremark, who knows what you'll actually get? And by the time you pay postage are you REALLY going to save money?
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Check to see if your health insurance company has a contract with a mail-order pharmacy. Personally, I know my health insurance company' s mail order pharmacy charges 33% less than retail and ships free--but I have to order a three month supply at once.

Someone here mentioned ADHD medications--I can't refill mine through a mail-order pharmacy either, but that's because most ADHD medications are Schedule II drugs, and thus more regulated than Schedule IV drugs. Your doctor should be able to call in or fax a script for a Schedule IV drug and you should be able to get refills.
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I can;t get Alprazolam from a mail-order pharmacy in my state, but I've been very happy with CVS Caremark for the mail-order prescriptions I do get.
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