One good, print, architecture journal or magazine.
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What is your favorite print architecture magazine or journal? One that is more intellectual/in-depth and wordy, instead of a being full of glossy images or ads.

I'm looking to subscribe to one good, meaty, architectural journal or magazine. I would love to hear recommendations about ones that you have read and enjoyed yourself. It would be a plus if it also included things that are more abstractly architectural, or interdisciplinary. I am an architecture student, with corresponding budget and curiosity.
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When I was an aspiring architecture student, I liked Architectural Record.
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Check out Volume, Log, and OASE.
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Mas Context
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Response by poster: ob1quixote, most of the things I hear about Architectural Record are negative. Was there anything you liked about it in particular?

The other ones seem really interesting - I'll have to check them out! Thanks.

Addendum to question: I would also love to hear what you like about them.
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Does your school have a library? I would use that if at all possible. The really good ones are fantastically expensive. It's been a while since I had that kind of access to the good ones, but remember El Croquis being excellent. I did cave in after many years and bought a subscription to Detail at one point, and hope to do so again. It's been a while and my memory is fuzzy, but you might like Metropolis.
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wym: “ob1quixote, most of the things I hear about Architectural Record are negative. Was there anything you liked about it in particular? ”
I suppose what most people don't like about it is that it's a trade rag, but that's useful in that it keeps you abreast of the trends in the industry. Then again, when I was last a subscriber was 25 years ago. Not to mention I never did pursue architecture school or a career in architecture, so…
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I really like A+U, Pamphlet Architecture, and Clog (full disclosure, I know a couple folks on the Clog team). Croquis and Detail are also excellent as sepviva mentions.
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Seconding CLOG. It's great.

Full disclosure, I was published in one of their earlier issues and I'm friends with friends of the CLOG team—small world!
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