Can I eat this: Miso Paste edition
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We have a container of this Miso paste at the back of our fridge, but it's straight shiro rather than shiro + aka. The ingredients are water, soybeans, rice, salt - 2% alcohol by volume. It looks fine and smells great, and the texture seems normal, maybe a little dried out. There's a "best before" date of 30 June 2013, but no "expiry" date. Is there any reason I shouldn't use this to baste roasted vegetables?

Miso is fermented so... it seems like it should be fine?

If you all vote "no" I'll just make something else for dinner and get a new container next time I'm out... Veg are to supplement take-out udon which really should be eaten tonight; I am far too tired + lazy + pregnant to go to the store just for miso paste though!
(This is for spouse, I will likely have something else for dinner.)
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It's half salt anyway. Should be fine.
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I would eat it unless I had a weak immune system.
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I've always just kept using miso till it ran out. I mean, it's what people use to preserve OTHER things, you know? Could be faulty logic, but...Anyway, I would use it.
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I vote yes. I would certainly eat it, expecting it to be extra tasty.
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I have seen miso that was advertised as aged for several years. It cost more.
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I've eaten miso that was similarly old and was 100% fine.
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It can apparently stay good for a very long time.
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I've eaten out of opened-but-otherwise-not-scary-seeming miso containers that were somewhere in the neighborhood of two years old.

But I've had essentially the same doubts. How could anything moist stay edible that long, y'know?!?

Dansaman's link is a welcome reassurance.
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The pregnant thing would be the determinant. It's fine, but with pregnancy I wouldn't risk the side effects of some dodgy food.
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If you're 100% not eating it, then leave it up to your spouse.
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My boyfriend has a jar of miso that's older than me. I am 30.

Eat it.
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I am far too tired + lazy + pregnant

Is an old jar of miso worth the risk of harming your yet-to-be-born child? (Not being judgemental.) While miso obviously can stay good for a very long time due to the fermentation and salt, the risk is non-zero.
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Don't eat it, because you're pregnant (but you already were planning that).

Were I your husband, however, and you told me you found it at the back of your long-dead great-grandma's shelving with an expiry date of 18__(illegible), I'd still eat it.
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