Where to buy Mexican Coke & 7-Up UWS - Harlem NYC
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Where on the Upper West Side/Morningside Heights/Harlem can I buy Mexican Coke and 7-Up?

I am more interested in 7-Up but figure if a place has Mexican Coke it is likely to have 7-Up.
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If you're willing to go to Queens, either Flushing or Bayside, H-Mart will probably have it. Our H-Mart has ALL KINDS of imported Mexican stuff, including Coke, Sprite and Jarritos.

Bodegas in Washington Heights may have it, but that's just a hit-or-miss proposition.

La Carniceria at 1629 Lexington is worth a call: 212-369-2223.
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Compare on 138th and Broadway.
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Freddie and Pepper's on Amsterdam between 74th and 75th. I know they have orange fanta and coke, not sure about 7Up.
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The Little Mexico Meat Market on 3rd just south of 116th might have it. There are a number of Mexican delis nearby in East Harlem. Check along 116th and a block or two up and down Lexington and 3rd Ave. If you just want a bottle and don't mind paying a premium Harlem Shake definitely has both Mexican Coke and Fanta.

Also, read the label, not all Mexican Coke is made with cane sugar.
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I've seen it at Morton Williams and Fairway might have it too.
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Costco? My Costco sells Mexican coke (I bought a 24 pack for the 4th) Costco's website shows Mexican coke, Mexican 7-Up, Sprite, and a bunch of other sodas from Mexico. Google maps tells me there are Costco's in the area you are looking at. Might be worth calling them up and seeing what they carry at your closest location.
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I think the Old Navy about a block from Penn Station has Mexican Coke in a fridge on the way to the checkout counters on the ground level. I don't know if the one on 125th St. has it as well, but it might be worth a look.
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Mexican Deli Inc, Broadway btwn 103/104 has a full selection of mexican sodas, candy and chips. And they deliver.
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Momofuku will deliver Mexican coke.
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Pioneer on Columbus @ 73rd has Mexican Coke and orange Fanta - not sure about 7up. It's in the far corner (opposite the entrance), to the left of the American sodas in a little display marker "el sabor de casa!"
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I know this is a not an answer to your exact question, but Kosher Coke is the same as Mexican Coke; cane sugar for use by some observant Jews. While it is most commonly found around Passover (approximately the very early springtime), it can sometimes be found in heavily Jewish areas year-round. Also, I have had great success finding it in small, family-run Chinese groceries because they'll snap up surplus Coke and dole is out throughout the year. Kosher Coke is found in 2 liter bottles with a yellow cap and costs the same as a normal Coke 2 liter, making it much cheaper by volume compared to Mexican Coke.

Happy hunting!
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To be clear... there's nothing special about Kosher Coke per se; all Coke sold in the US is certified kosher. The stuff roquetuen is talking about is kosher for Passover Coke. It is not commonly available in heavily Jewish areas at any time other than just before Passover, as it confers no religious advantage during the rest of the year. (I am willing to believe that there are Chinese groceries that hoard it.)
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Update: I was just at Pioneer yesterday; they have Mexican Sprite.
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