Drunk II: Electic Drunkaloo
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As a birthday present, I am taking my husband to the Summertime Brews Festival. We're avoiding the hoi polloi (and giving me ample opportunity to talk to brewers about my desire for more sour beers) with VIP tickets that allow early access to the venue. That means that we'll be coming home endrunkened (via taxi) at about 4:30 or 5:00 PM. What awesome things can we eat and watch that will be fun and/or hangover-mitigating?

We're both pretty enthusiastic beer drinkers and homebrewers, and I think we'll have a lot of fun talking to brewers and other beer enthusiasts. The "samples" at this event are notoriously generous, and I assume we'll have a pretty strong buzz on by the time we leave.

On the rare occasions when we're just flat out drunk, the next activity is usually to chug water, pop some ibuprophen, and fall into bed. Given that this is happening so early in the day, I'd like a plan for something else fun to do.

We have a well-equipped media room with comfy reclining chairs for watching stuff, and I can lay in whatever foodstuffs would be enjoyable.

Watching Parameters:
We have Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu Plus. Streaming things are vastly, vastly preferred. Either TV shows or movies could be good.

We're nerds who like nerdy things and funny things. A sample of the things we have both liked include (in the order in which they randomly appear in my brain):
The Heat
The IT Crowd
Party Down
The Avengers
Take Me Home Tonight
Safety Not Guaranteed
Top Gear
all the Star Treks (yes even that one)
Red Dwarf

No horror. Action movies without super-graphic violence are good (Syriana was too much; Serenity was fine).

Eating/Drinking Parameters
Straight up junk food is less preferred, as my husband doesn't eat or enjoy stuff like Twinkies or Cheetos (because he is crazy). More classy or whole-foods based (but prep-ahead or easy to put together) appetizers and snacks would be ideal. I'm also interested in yummy non-alcoholic and potentially hangover-reducing things to drink. No dietary restrictions.

What would be optimal for chilling out and watching and noming after this experience?
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Warehouse 13, conveniently on netflix.
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Best answer: Pizza is the best drunk food. Have some delivery lined up, or some frozen ones to pop in the oven. You can get fancy by making one yourself ahead of time too.
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Go for snacks that help you hydrate. Slice up tasty green, yellow and red bell peppers, slivered carrots, celery (with peanut butter and raisins, if you roll that way), and other tasty things you can refrigerate and munch on at your leisure.
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Best answer: You should definitely see the movie "Drinking Buddies" - it's not a truly great movie or anything, but it's enjoyable and the entire film revolves around a brewery and people working in a brewery. It'd be the perfect match for your evening.
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Best answer: Secret drunk food: cake. I mean, nobody ever has cake around when they're drunk so nobody knows, but a really great cake. Maybe something lighter with higher notes (so, not chocolate) - citrus, or a spicy carrot cake, or super-vanilla. Cream cheese frosting.

Warning: you will eat too much cake.

I don't know if Wet Hot American Summer is streaming anywhere right now, but I think that would be a fine combo with cake and beer drunk.
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Take a supplement with all the vitamin Bs before you go to sleep.
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Is Gatorade too processed for you? What about Vitamin Water? Either of those would help, definitely. Coke/Pepsi made with sugar is also a great thing to have around, as are any sugar-sweetened sodas (lemon lime, ginger ale). But not high fructose corn syrup! At least for me, that's a recipe for a hangover. (Water is good too, of course, or orange juice and such, but I find Gatorade/soda/etc. goes down more easily.)

Frozen pizzas are excellent to have, as long as you're not so drunk you can't set the oven timer. I tend to crave salty snacks -- there's good quality kettle-cook potato chips out there. Pretzels and a spicy hummus is good too.

If you haven't watched Freaks & Geeks, now is the perfect time. Slightly left-field choice, but Hulu Plus has My So-Called Life. It's adorable '90s mindlessness. Flight of the Conchords is on Amazon Prime, and that could work if you haven't seen it.

Have fun!
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Drunk History is on Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus.
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Set up some art supplies before you leave the house, and get creative when you come back? Painting while drunk is always fun. Turn on Bob Ross and paint some happy little trees with him.
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Came in to say Drunk History! On preview: seconding Drunk History ;)
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Wasabi rice crackers and nova lox
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You will thank me for this later, BTW: Trailer Park Boys on Netflix (instant) is a slow-build to hilarity.

Failing that, try the British version of The Office, it looks like it's streaming on Amazon, I'm too lazy to check Netflix right now.

Oh, and lots of seltzer.
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Coconut water is a great way to re-hydrate, and it is more whole foodsy than sports drinks.
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Best answer: Good cheese always hits the spot for me when I come home drunk, or when I wake up in the middle of the night needing a snack after drinking. Also ginger ale. I like the Whole Foods brand or Blue Sky.
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I've had good luck with big doses of Vit C and some aspirin for hangover avoidance.

What to watch, based on your list -
Black Books
(Old) The Prisoner
try Babalyon 5, I'm meh about it, but if you like ALL the Star Treks you might like B5

maybe Night watch (Russian movie)
if you can find these: Black Cat White Cat, Kontrol, Until The End of the World
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Best answer: Big Trouble in Little China.

It's on Netflix. You're welcome, world.
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Best answer: If it were me, I would come home, eat some pizza and get naked.
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You could, you know, hack your body so you get less drunk and/or drink more for longer.
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Buy a package of straws to go with the hydration beverage of your choice - you'll be able to drink more with less effort.
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Rick and Morty is hilarious, especially when drunk. I am also a Red Dwarf fan, so you can trust me on this.

For food, scope out the best pizza delivery in your area, and splurge on the biggest tastiest topping-laden pizza you can get.
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I make it a rule NOT to use the oven after drinking-- just in case I fall asleep on the couch. Maybe have something microwave able? Samosas and/or cheese dip with chips.
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Drinking and eating? Sounds like you need some My Drunk Kitchen in your life.
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One more (inspired by my lunch today..) : Mexican food. Tacos, rice/beans, NACHOS, chips/salsa or queso. Tamales! There's a couple of guys in Chicago that go bar-to-bar selling tamales, and when the Tamale Guy walks into your bar, he seems heaven-sent.
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If one of you is more sober than the other and can actually navigate to some links, you might appreciate the subreddit WoahDude. It's designed for stuff to look at while stoned, but I think drunk would work too.
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Beer fest 101: String a bag worth of pretzels on a string and wear it around your neck, snacking on them in between samples. Also, drink your rinse-water. When you go to rinse your glass between samples, just drink it instead of pouring it out. Helps to keep you hydrated. Lastly, if you're expecting a lot of sours, some Tums (or other acid reducer) before the event can never hurt.
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Vitamins B. Coconut water.

Kettle corn is an awesome drunk snack. So is trail mix (cut down on some of the sugar by making your own blend - like cashews and craisins.

Mexican foods. The go-to after-drinking food in San Diego is rolled tacos (taquitos) and guac. You could healthy that up some by having some chile verde or carne asada on hand with various taco fixin's.
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Response by poster: If it were me, I would come home, eat some pizza and get naked.

Well yeah, but I wanted some ideas for after that activity.

We made frozen pizza, ate angel food cake topped with lemon curd, strawberries, and whipped cream. Also some good cheese.

We tried to watch Drinking Buddies, which is definitely a decent to pretty good movie, but we got to a part where a couple is in bed talking about when/if they will get married, and Mr. jeoc turns to me and says, "This is a chick flick." And it kind of is in a good way, but no man should be asked to watch people obliquely arguing about marriage for their birthday.

We then tried to watch Big Trouble in Little China, and I think this movie works better if you are more of a Bruce Lee-type-movie fan. It seemed like it was sending up or referencing a lot of stuff we didn't quite get.

We were behind on our Games of Thrones, so we watched a few of those, and they were just right. I'm a book reader from way back, so I just hide my eyes during the bad parts.

We had a great time! Thank you for all your great suggestions!
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