Mexican Coke in Boston?
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Where can I find Mexican Coke in Boston?

I saw it once in the Super 88 on Packard's Corner, but even then, they only had three bottles (and I, foolishly, only picked up one).

Also, I know Passover's a few months away, but where do they sell Kosher coke? Will they have it at my local Star Market (again, at Packards), or will I need to go to Coolidge Corner? Thanks!
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if your willing to cross the river, leo's diner on jfk street - across from the garage - in harvard square used to sell mexican coke.
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Costco? I don't know if you have one nearby, but the Seattle area stores sell Mexican Coke by the case.
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There's a stretch of a few Armenian bakeries in Watertown and it's either Arax Market or Sevan Bakery that sells Mexican coke. They are side by side, so I can't recall which place had the coke, but it's definitely there.
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Accuracy not guaranteed, and only lists one place in MA (Concord).
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Costco in Everett had it recently (this fall=ish).
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Probably the Super 88?
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There's usually a pretty good stock of it in my local Star Market in Cambridge - never been to the one at Packard's Corner, though.
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The Porter Sq. Shaw's has it, which is not Boston but is steps from the red line, so.
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Anna's Taqueria usually sells individual bottles. But I think I heard recently that Mexican Coke is going to HFCS in the near future, too. (Ingredient labels in Spanish still list sugar as the primary ingredient, though)
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Rancatore's Ice Cream in Lexington has it. They have another location in Belmont and I assume they carry the same stock.
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I've seen it at Shaw's in Somerville (Twin City Plaza). I think most Shaw's/Stop & Shop's have it.
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Yes, Costco in Everett has it.
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Olecito in Cambridge has it, too.
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The Star Market on Western Ave in Brighton pretty much always has it, it's in their Foods of the World (or whatever it's called) section.
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Last Passover I found kosher Coke (2-liter, yellow cap) at the big Shaw's Market on Rte 9 west in Chestnut Hill.
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I bought a Mexican Coke in Austin last week and it listed HFCS instead of sugar, just a data point.
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There aren't many left, but last time I was in a Blockbuster (a few weeks ago), they had Mexican Coke.
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The Kroger I shop at in the middle of Indiana carries it in the 'Hispanic' section. Might be worth checking out some of the other national chains near you.
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I've seen it a couple of times by the cash registers at Super 88 in the South Bay plaza on the South Boston/Dorchester border.
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I've seen it very recently and I think it was at the Costco in Waltham, but it may have been at the Mt. Auburn Shaws in Cambridge.

I've not noticed it at any of the Armenian grocery stores in Watertown, but I can't say I've ever looked for it there.
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