Give a man a script, he'll block users for a lifetime...
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I picked up a greasemonkey script from a while back that allows me to block and ignore users on Livefyre-powered forums, which is incredibly useful for weeding out trolls on the sports-related sites I read. The site seems to be down/gone now and I can't find the script anywhere else. I want to share it with others.

I figured if I couldn't find a link to it somewhere online that I would export it somehow and post it somewhere for other users of the site to install. But I'm not sure how to go about doing that.

What do I need to do here? I want to be able to give others a link without emailing them an attachment or something like that. Perhaps I can PM through the forum - I suppose that would work.
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What is the name of the script? I had to do this when was down (is it still down?) for a month. I had to use the exact name, but I figured it out after much googling.
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A google search leads me to a name, change the port to 8080 and voila.
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There is this metatalk thread about that has helpful info about it and also suggests the 8080 workaround.
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If the 8080 work-around ever stops working, you can also use to do the same thing. Or you might also check to see if they've been uploaded to GreasyFork.
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Thanks! At the time I tried the google search (admittedly, a few weeks ago) I couldn't get to anything functional. Perhaps my searching was faulty.

I did see the mirror and Greasyfork, but at the time I checked, neither was there. The 8080 link seems to be valid!
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