Places to write with electrical outlets in NYC? (preferably the Village)
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Yes, we are looking for places to plug in a laptop in Manhattan, as close to the East Village as possible, and open as late at night as possible. Free Wifi's a plus. What we already know: Starbucks (Second Ave and Astor Place): con -- so crowded that outlets are already in use Other cafes (not enough outlets) The libraries -- not open very late Suggestions? thanks
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Think Coffee on Mercer between 3rd and 4th (Foursquare link because it has lots of pictures)? It's open until 11. There's a big power strip along the wall on the left of the shop when you walk in and others scattered around. I've never had a problem getting an outlet there but I also carry one of these little Belkin surge protectors so I can share.
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The Bean on First & Ninth is open until midnight - I've only been there a few times, but I scored an outlet at least once or twice.
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The Bean also has a location at 2nd Ave and 3rd St that I frequent. Plenty of outlets.
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There's also Cafe Pick Me Up, by Tompkins Square Park.
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Bring an outlet splitter in case the place you go is more crowded than usual. Many people will be happy to share their outlet as long as they can plug in an outlet somehow.
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