Quantified self for writers
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Inspired by this article, I'd like to track and monitor my writing.

In an effort to write more consistently, and understand my writing patterns, I'd like to start recording some data. Similar to what Rubin does in the article above, I'd like to create a way to automatically do the following things:

- Gets a total word count for the day (from documents in a directory) and logs the word count to an Excel spreadsheet
- Emails me a daily and weekly summary of word counts, time spent, continuous days written, and other relevant trackable metrics

I don't have a ton of scripting experience but am willing to tinker/learn as needed!
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The author of that article actually posted the scripts he uses to get his stats from Google Docs (his only writing source).

If you find those useful and modify them please let us know. I've been thinking of doing the same thing as I gear up for dissertation writing.
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Response by poster: Oh yes, I saw those scripts but I forgot to mention I'm not planning to switch over to google docs for this. The ideal solution works with Microsoft Office. Either way, I will be sure to share what I end up with!
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You could use 750words.
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