Please help me snap my windows.
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Mac OS 10.8.5- What's the best app for adding the Windows Snap feature? Googling led me to Better Snap Tool and Hyperdock- if either of these (or others) have proved to be useful to you, please let me know! Thanks to all in advance.
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I use spectacle which works nicely -- it's all keyboard shortcut (or drop down menu from the icon in the toolbar) instead of just the dragging-to-the-edges thing you can do in windows, but it works well and there are a lot of options.
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Cinch works for me.
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Moom will allow windows to be snapped at edges. You can also make additional configurations based on a grid system.
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I added Better Snap to my MacBook Pro (late 2011 10.7.5) a couple of years ago and it has always done exactly what it's supposed to. Very useful.
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Better Touch Tool (by the maker of Better Snap Tool) is awesome and adds other features I find useful.
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Seconding better touch tool. It's a handy little program. I have it set up so a three finger swipe left or right takes the window to half the screen and a three finger swipe up maximizes the window.
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If you're willing to think about the problem a little bit differently, Optimal Layout is a really great tool for whipping your windows into shape.
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Better Touch Tool is great-- lack of window snapping is one of my top 3 biggest annoyances as a Windows User who finds himself on OSX from time to time.
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