What can someone who is alone this July 4th weekend do?
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Usually I get together with someone and we go to the nyc piers to watch the fireworks, but since this year the 4th lands on a Friday we can't do that as my friend celebrates the sabbath. I figured I could just go the Meetup.com route, but looking at the site today there doesn't seem to be much going on that isn't already full. (I guess I shouldn't have left it to the last minute) If anyone happens to have any suggestions as to what I could do tomorrow I'm all ears.
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This is gonna sound all egg-heady and corny and weird, but I actually get pretty contemplative on July 4th. Years ago my Irish friend asked me "what is American identity?" and it threw me, because hell, how do you even begin to answer that question - but that's actually kind of become what I do each year - read through some of the funkier American history books I have, and think about that question. It's actually been kind of awesome and thought-provoking. Even if you don't have history books and won't have time to hit a bookstore tonight, you can still get the texts of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and Thomas Paine's The Rights of Man and stuff like that as free e-Books, which could definitely work for that purpose. (If they have the Lewis and Clark diaries in free ebooks, I recommend that, because that's actually AWESOME.)

If that's too intellectual for you, there's always heading to Coney Island for the hot dog contest in the afternoon, and then watching the fireworks on TV. The weather's supposed to kind of suck tomorrow anyway, so it may be a day conducive to being chill and mellow.
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You probably ought to stay away from the water. Hurricane Arthur is expected to pass by NYC tomorrow night, and there may be a storm surge (read "flooding"). It's probably also going to rain like mad.

So maybe it might be better to skip this year, stay home, and watch on TV?
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Current estimated storm track places it right by Long Island Friday evening.
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Go to already-full meetups anyway; there's bound to be a few RSVPs who don't show.
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I suggest this only because it may be very rainy in NYC and you may not want to go out, but -- I always watch "A Capitol Fourth" on PBS. It's hokey (an hour of showtunes of middling quality by B-list guest stars) but fun, and then they play the 1812 Overture, with military cannons, while they start the fireworks. Then military brass does Sousa marches.
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We're going to watch World Cup matches till they come out our ears at my friends place. The live ones and the good ones we missed because of stupid work. I imagine anywhere foreigners gather will be doing the same.
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My friend's annual tradition used to be: drop acid in the AM, deep clean his house, then at twilight head out on a bike for the fireworks. That was one clean house.
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go watch the fireworks, go watch the parade, go get a bunch of beers at an early hour. Its your day, do whatever you want to do!

the fireworks are televised in nyc i believe, so if your roomates are out/live solo no pants + beverage is also acceptable to watch the fireworks on tv.
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With the weather reports being what they are all up the East Coast, I don't think you'll be the only one spending a more solitary time this Independence Day.

I doubt you'd be caught in a storm surge or anything, but it's certainly going to be rainy and shitty and no fun for outdoor spectating.

I'd be tempted to have "Winter in July" and hole up with a good book, movies, a bottle of wine, and whatever you like to snack on in dreary weather.

For that matter, what about spending Shabbos with your friend, if you'd be welcome?
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The NY Asian Film Festival is on this weekend (including the 4th). I've seen some very good movies in previous years.
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Usually I get together with someone and we go to the nyc piers to watch the fireworks

I'm not that familiar with NYC, do they not allow people to go to the piers and watch the fireworks unless they have a guest? Why does your friend not going mean you can't go?

Generally in those 'friend can't go' situations for big public things I've had a pretty good time going by myself. Sometimes just enjoying my own company and sometimes the company of some new group of people that welcomed me when I said my friend couldn't make it so I came by myself.
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