Where to buy exercise shorts in Athens, Greece?
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I am staying in Ampelokipi and am spending most of my days in Kolonaki. I am not Greek and do not speak Greek. Is there a department store or something around here where I could buy a cheap pair of exercise shorts? I tried the Carrefour in Ampelokipi and wasn't able to find any.

On a related note, do you have any suggestions of websites to go where I could find the answer to this question?
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Have you tried the H&M near Syntagma or the Hondos at Ippokratous and Panepistimiou?
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Intersport is always a good choice for midrange-to-cheap sports stuff. Here is a map of their stores in Athens. It seems they have one in Kolonaki I haven't been to, and also there is one just off Omonoia square on Themistokleous. There's a bunch of other sports stores on Themistokleous (traditionally a good place to find a good deal on shoes), memail if you want more precise directions.
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The Hondos at Ampelokipi didn't have any (maybe that one is just for women?), but I found some running shorts at the Intersport in Kolonaki for 12.99 euros. Thanks to you both!
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