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I have to write a piece of a Choose Your Own Adventure story for a baby shower - the idea is to put them all together so the baby will eventually read this story we've created for them - and I want to look at some examples for inspiration since it's been a long time since I read those stories. Can you point to something online?

I need to get this done today so I can print it and bring it tomorrow so that's why I'm looking for online examples. When I google I just get wiki pages about Choose Your Own Adventure series, REALLY complicated interactive adventure games, inscrutable communities dedicated to people writing their own choose your own adventures, sexy themes, stuff I don't want. I just want a few paragraphs as example of the genre (with the second person perspective, the vague sense of ultimately unthreatening dread) - I'm thinking I want to write about three paragraphs total and include a few funny references to the parents, that's all.

Halp, thanks!
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Did you see this, by shakespeherian?
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Hi, I've been doing this for like two years or something online. It winds up being linear storytelling (only one choice's result ever gets written), it sounds like you're more looking for the 2nd-person perspective and tone stuff, so hopefully it helps any?

Also, while it's not *strictly* online, you can use the Amazon look-inside feature to peek at the first few pages of Heather McElhatton's pretty great Million Little Mistakes.
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ahh thank you just finished it. Pretty pleased, though I have no idea how it will fit with the other contributions. For the organizers to figure out I guess.
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I know that you said that you've already finished, but if you're ever interested, you could try 1000 Days of Syria. It's an online choose your own adventure about people who lived through the first 1000 days of the Syrian uprising. Not really fit for a baby shower, mind you, but a very well put together adventure that is eye opening, empathetic, and educational.
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thanks, further input is definitely appreciated.
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