Cheaper version of this handbag?
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Can't get this "modern, adult version of the trapperkeeper" out of my head, but it's too expensive!

I love it that it is sleek and purse-like but could carry my iPhone, kindle, wallet stuff and a small notebook, and I envision being able to take it to meetings outside the office. It even has a purse hold!

I currently carry all my gear in a small backpack because I usually carry my laptop, a sweater, lunch and other detritus in addition to the above. When I have to leave the office during the day, I end up juggling phone, notebook and wallet in my hands because I don't want to lug the whole big bag.

However, I can't justify the $260 price tag for something that will live inside my backpack most of the time. Have you come across anything similar? My upper price range is probably around $100.
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Actually, I have one that I bought at an art store. It's black and sleek looking. It was around $20 and was meant to carry things like pencils and small notepads for drawing. I throw in my passport, Moleskines, cell phone, etc. in it. I'm not at home now but I'll take a look and see if I can find out the name of it.
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I found one on Amazon for $10.50. It's not leather, but it's really functional!
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Oh damn, I need that case!

There may be a Moleskine shell to fit your needs. Strangely, the Moleskine website doesn't seem to have everything. By Googling "Moleskine shell" I found some better ones on Dick Blick and places like that.
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If you're into DIY stuff I bet there is a manicure set that you could repurpose with some elastic that would serve you pretty well. may be too bare bones. Might want to poke around on ebay to see if you can find one that looks like the right profile.
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I think Etsy would be a good place to look - like this one or this one
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Still a little spendy, but much cheaper than the listed version. And Levenger is generally A+ quality.
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Stores like Staples are making their own versions of these kinds of things at very good prices. Go in and browse.
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Best answer: There's loads of similar organizer pouches available on YesStyle and MochiThings.

Better Together note pouch
Canvas clutch
Smart file pouch
Smart clutch
Better Together shoulder clutch
Large Better Together sailor-pattern pouch
Moelleux iPad pouch

You'll have to figure out a US retailer (maybe eBay), but you might also like the Antenna Shop:

4 Quad N pouch
IT container bag
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Best answer: You can customize the moleskine or tech folio at Rickshaw Bags
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Staples has one for $15 made of nylon or something that still looks fairly professional and has a zipper closure, full-size notepad, pen holder, and a wide enough pocket to slip in an iPad or even an Air.
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