Looking for a song that was wrongly tagged "the bravery - time wont.."
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I remember a song from around 2008 that was tagged the bravery- time wont let you go. Ive basically listened to both their sun and moon album but its not one of those songs. It starts with a strong piano and and its kinda slow but the drums are prominent in the song. Its killing me and i cant find it anywhere. I can half remember it in my head and it sounds like it could be by the bravery but im not excluding similar sounding artists like the editors. Cant remember any lyrics though!
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Just to be clear, it's not this song, right?
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If you still have a copy of the song there are smartphone apps such as Shazam that can help you identify it.
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general malaise: its not that song but thanks!
I dont have a copy of the song sadly.
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