Saturday morning child care while at Pepperdine conference
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I have a conference at Pepperdine University near Malibu CA and am bringing my kids and another adult. There is a Saturday excursion that my youngest, 6, is too young to participate. We're flying in from the East Coast, how do I find a fun, responsible college kid for that morning?

Most drop in childcare opens too late to be useful while I am at the conference that morning from 8-noon, then he & I can have our own fun until the others get back. We're holding back on the excursion until we get this detail sorted out. We know no one in the area, and are staying at a rental in Santa Monica, checking out that morning, transitioning to family vacation site that afternoon.

How have others resolved childcare while traveling?
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Have you asked the conference organisers for recommendations?
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You might also want to call some of the larger hotels in Santa Monica and see if they could recommend someone.

And, here are some babysitters.
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I haven't tried it before, but I think that Urban Sitter might meet your needs. It sounds like they have a lot of babysitters and it doesn't cost money like I've heard good things about it in LA.
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Is there an on-campus day care center? They may have some folks they'd recommend.
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You might try the Ed School and see if the Early Childhood Education Department maintains a list of grad students who do freelance childcare.
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If you're trying to find a Pepperdine student specifically, one option might be to contact the volunteer center and ask them if they would forward a message from you about babysitting out to the students who regularly volunteer at Jumpstart (early education) or the Boys and Girls Club. Those will probably be the kinds of students you're looking for - though many of them might be out of town for the summer.
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You're in luck because it's summer - there are tons of day camps around for kids with with 7am drop off. Think swimming, capture the flag, crafts. Start with YMCAs and google searches.
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