Looking for a stylish, plus-sized summer hat
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I'm looking for one of the big, floppy, straw hats that are in style this summer-- or something else that is reasonably stylish and will shield my face-- but I have a pretty large head. Does anyone know where I can get one in an extra large size?

This is the kind of hat I'm looking for: http://store.americanapparel.net/california-floppy-hat_floppyhatc

I've tried on that one as well as similar hats in various stores but they are just too small for my head, which is 23.5 inches in circumference. I know men's hats might be a better option, but none of the men's styles appeal to me, nor do the hats on the large hat websites I've found. I'll be going to Europe in the summer and want some protection for my pasty white face but don't want to look super dorky.

Anyone know where I can find fashionable hats for ladies with large heads?
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Have you tried Goorin Bros? This one is floppy, packable, and comes in your size (although it's the only floppy that does). Pricier than some, but the straw hat I bought from them has lasted 3 years and several plane rides.
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Do you have a Ross near you? I bought a hat there last summer that looks almost exactly like your picture, but neutral straw-color, and it fits my huge head! I saw the same one there this summer and almost bought it so I'd have a backup in case mine ever bit the dust. Don't know how big my head is but baseball hats never fit me, and this one did--might be worth a try.
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