Gifts for my grocer
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My grocer is awesome! We chat every time I go in and he always throws in something extra with the food I buy. What would be a good thank-you gift to give to him for all this greatness?

I'm trying to think of a good gift for him - I usually give people food, but I feel like that might not make sense since it's what he sells and gives me. I also don't have any particular talents in the baking department or else I would try to make him a batch of warm cookies. The only thing I have any skill in is art (drawing, painting etc). Any other gift ideas that could work and that he might appreciate?
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Recommend the hell out of him to everyone you know. Get them to tell him 'movicont sent me!' when they bring him their business.
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How about a hand drawn certificate of appreciation that he could hang in the store? I'm a grocer and that's what I'd like!
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Keep shopping there and tell your friends.
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Best answer: Draw his storefront? He could copy it and put it on his web/Facebook page and hang the original in his store.
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Yep, I'm with a humble nudibranch. (Now there's a sentence I never thought I'd type. I don't even know what it means.)

Something hand-drawn, perhaps in an inexpensive but nice frame that matches the shop decor. Maybe a certificate of appreciation, maybe a landscape in colours that match the shop or his ancestry or something, maybe a cheesy "World's Best Grocer"... whatever you think suits the situation. A caricature, even, if that's within your skill set?

I think that would be priceless to receive.

Upon preview: taff has nailed it.
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I recently invested in these Subversive Accolades I think they are perfect for just this type of thing.

He has completed two sets of them on Kickstarter and may well do more.
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Best answer: I like the idea of a picture of his storefront, especially a small watercolor painting. I think he'd treasure it. Also, recommendations to other people to shop there.
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Don't underestimate the power of a good online review. (Most people only write stuff up when they're angry!)
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Another grocer chiming in here: A woman once brought in a beautiful piece of stained glass art that she'd made that incorporated the name of our store. It was very touching, and we hung it in the window. It's still there and every time I come to work and see it, it makes me smile. If you want to give him something that's more personally for him rather than for the store, you might consider a gift certificate to a well-loved restaurant in your area. Grocers generally don't make much money, so a gc to a nice restaurant would probably be put to good use.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the advice, everyone! I'm going to try the painting his storefront idea, hopefully that pans out!
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