How can you block a page from Facebook search results?
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Asking for my wife. There's a page that keeps popping up in her Facebook search results that she doesn't want to see. Clearing her search history hasn't got rid of it, nor has clearing her cookies and browser history. Is there any way to get rid of the page so that she never has to see it?

The page in question is the business page of an ex of mine, whom my wife has been Facebook-stalking for the last few months. She says that she can't resist the urge to look if she sees the page in her search results, so she'd rather not see it at all. She's already blocked my ex's personal profile, but the page persists no matter what she does.
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Is there an email address associated with the business page? I believe if there is, and she inputs that email address into her block list, it should block the page.
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Best answer: AdBlock Plus would probably do it automatically once installed, otherwise it would let her block it manually.
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Can you block the page's specific URL with something like OpenDNS?
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Add a line to the /etc/hosts file to block it permanently.
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DNS fiddling (including /etc/hosts) is only going to work at the host level, which means that every single page served from that hostname (which I assume will be more or less all of Facebook) is going to be blocked.

Seconding AdBlock Plus or a similar adblocker which can block the page based on URL pattern.
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