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Halloween wigs: tips on styling?

I have a cheap "mullet" wig for my Halloween costume. Of course, it doesn't look nearly as good as the one in the picture. All the info on the web relates to real wigs. Do you have any tips for maximizing my wig's potential?
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put it on, and tease it with a comb to enhance it's mulletyness (the bottom and back), and spray it so that it becomes more obviously mullety.
posted by amberglow at 12:18 PM on October 28, 2005

With wigs it usually looks more natural if a bit of hair is tucked behind an ear rather than just plopped on top.
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Any wig will benefit from being styled just as you would normal hair. Lots and lots of brushing (although not too much -- I'm assuming this is synthetic, and a stiff brush will tear it apart) as well as lots and lots of hair spray. The wig you're seeing in the picture hasn't been in a plastic bag for six months waiting for you to buy it. If you're really adventurous, you might try an iron, but that's assuming it won't melt. Try at your own risk. And don't be afraid to take scissors to it -- just know it won't grow back.
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