No lingerie + animal ears a la Mean Girls
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Help me wow my friends with an out there Halloween costume!

It's a little early to be worrying about Halloween already, but I'd like to get a head start on a costume for my favorite Holiday. I'd really like to do something fun and creative--please help!

I'm in college, so my costume will be worn inside sweltering house parties and walking around outside. That being said, I'm not opposed to showing some skin, but walkability is essential.

I'd like something more creative than the usual female costume ideas that are either "slutty" or "cute." I'm up for cross-dressing or hamming it up in character all night.

I don't want to spend a ton of money on the costume, but I can DYI things if need be. I already have a long, platinum blonde wig from a previous costume..

Some examples of old costumes that my friends or I have done that I've really liked: a unicorn, Wayne and Garth, Lady Gaga, The Goblin King from Labyrinth, Old Greg, Jerri Blank from Strangers with Candy. Some of these not everyone will get, but I'm okay with that.
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My friend has gone as... A tornado (glued plastic farm animals, trucks, trees to grey sweats), taking a bath (little plastic tub that can it around your waist) and Gum Under A Desk (Pink outfit with "desk" cardboard hat). I personally love going as Devil In a Blue Dress; Horns + horrible old homecoming dress = win. I can't believe I thought that dress was cute once.
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by "it around your waist" I mean "fit".
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I love Leeloo costumes, and a BSG costume would probably be pretty easy.

If I had the body for it, I'd do Jessica Rabbit in a heart beat. You can probably find a clearance dress that is close enough. With some long purple gloves, and a wig (or maybe you are gift with long red hair?) everyone will know.

Audrey Hepburn is always recognizable, too.
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Reusing the wig...

You're a glass of champagne - get a gold lame sheath dress at a thrift store. Pile the wig into a beehive. Carry and blow bubbles all night.

You're Smurfette - blue body paint, blonde wig, white dress, shoes, and cap

You're the princess from the Mario universe - crown, pink dress (bridesmaid castoff from a thrift store would be perfect), blonde hair.

Or you could be Kid Rock. Or True Romance-era Brad Pitt. Or omg, you could cut the wig into a mullet and be vintage Andre Agassi.

I also kind of think going as a Real Doll would be amazing.
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I always love the simple costumes on women. Business suit and devil horns. Cheerleader for anarchy. Go-Go Yubari.
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Response by poster: I'm not into the "cereal killer"/"one night stand" type of inanimate object costumes. I really like the Kid Rock and Agassi ideas. If only I could find a windbreaker like this.. Real Doll is hilarious, but I'm not sure how you would pull that off, and I probably couldn't be silent all night.
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One year I was Jackie Kennedy with a big tube of fake blood splashed onto my pink suit. That was a super fun costume to put together and I won a contest with it. I found a pink cotton suit at a thrift store and altered it a tiny bit, made a pillbox hat out of cheap pink fabric and cardboard, and borrowed appropriate accessories from my mom.

At that same party a girl was dressed as Mona Lisa: she had kind of a flowy long gown on and her hair worn loose, and she had rigged an empty picture frame around her, framing her from head to waist. She came in third. She looked really comfortable and it was super funny to see the Mona Lisa carrying a beer around.

All the other girls were dressed like Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction, so you can guess about what year it was. But hey, I bet nobody's dressing like Mia Wallace this year. Find yourself a Jules or a Vincent and you're golden.
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The retro Miss Atomic Bomb I found different and kind of shocking, think I'll use it some year. Pageant it up :)
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I've long through that it would be funny to do the "prudish" version of one of those lingerie costumes with ears and whatnot, like being a "prudish angel" by wearing a long dress that covered everything, with a halo and wings.
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Costumes that throw back to childhood nostalgia always seem to go over big in our group.

A few years ago, one friend was a my-little-pony, in all pink shirt, skirt, and tights with some kind of insignia painted on the butt of her skirt. 2 long magenta wigs (one rigged into a tail), facial glitter, and some major fake eyelashes completed the look. She-Ra and Smurfette have also been popular. But then again, I'm probably 5-10 years older than you. Maybe Sailor Moon?
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Last year one of my friends went as Mystique, with a lot of latex paint and even yellow contact lenses. Sure got a lot of attention ;)

And another went as Hitler. When she walked into the room with this homemade costume, the conversation died and everyone just looked at her. She says " What? Too soon?" She certainly didn't feel brave enough to wear it out to the bars later that weekend though!

The Paper Bag Princess (book by Robert Munsch)

Long blonde hair? Princess Nuala from Hellboy 2 if you're handy at sewing. Really it's all in the makeup anyway.

I've intended to go as a female Ash from Army of Darkness for years, making the accessories out of paper maché and whatever else I've got. Really, take any male costume you've ever wished you could go as, and do it anyway.

A friend of mine and her husband went as Leela and Zap Rannigan from Futurama, they made his outfit out of a santa suit jacket.

Doctor Girlfriend from The Venture Brothers
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I've seen Tippi Hedren in "The Birds" costumes, and those are pretty awesome.

1. Go thrift shopping, and seek out a tailored suit that could pass for something from the early 60s.

2. Use scissors to snip tiny little pulls in the suit -- think of the size of fabric that could be nipped out by, say, a seagull.

3. Go to AC Moore / Michael's / [local craft store] and stock up on feathers. Bonus points if you can find those little styrofoam birds that are used in some flower arrangements/wreaths.

4. Pin feathers at random points on the suit. Pin/hot glue styro birds, if you found them.

5. Wrap your golden wig up in a french twist. Pull at the strands and make it messy. Pin in a few more feathers and a styro bird, if you can swing it.

6. On the night of, use fake blood to give yourself peck wounds on your face and hands and legs.

C'est finit!
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I saw a really good Carmen Sandiego last year, but she was probably hot in that coat and hat. I'm trying to get my boyfriend to go as a garden gnome.
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I went as a ghost one year, but rather than just draping a sheet over me, I wore a long white (flannel) nightdress and rigged the sheet into a cloak with a hood. Then I pulled all my hair back and sprayed it white with some of that drugstore coloured hairspray they sell at Halloween. Then I painted my face white and did a skull face with black facepaint (I used to be a clown and do face painting, years ago). No-one knew it was me, and it was a pretty comfortable costume to wear. Cheap and relatively easy to pull off.
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Honestly, the best costume I ever saw was a friend from school who, having forgotten it was halloween, came late to class with her flowered, fitted twin bedsheet tossed over her as the world's laziest ghost. She didn't even cut eye holes, and her glasses poked out from the sheet most amusingly.
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I'm not sure it's particularly out there, but I think it would be fun to go as Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas.
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My fav costume was a mummy. I wore white leggings and a white tank. I went to CVS and bought 40 bucks worth of rolled gauze and wrapped myself up head to toe (cut pee hole in leggings and just kinda pulled to ide when nature called).
I got tannish & browninsh paint and sponges to dirty myself up so I looked like a mummy and not a hospital patient. I also hung gauze from my arms.
It was sexy because it was form fitting and really fun because no one knew who I was.
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I was a A retro stewardess last year. I found this bright green suit for $3 for each piece. I bought an extra skirt and made it into a hat. I made a a neck scarf out of a bright polyester fabric and wore a regular white shirt. I couldn't find a cheap wings pin, so my hat has the Jantzen diver on it.

(photo link is from a non-halloween wearing)
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The best costume idea I never acted on: Karl Lagerfeld. You can use the wig. The hardest thing would be making sure your blacks were really black.
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You're in college? Me too.

Bon Qui Qui.
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You're a lumberjack and you're ok. Ideally you'd go with a male partner in drag.
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