Baby's First Halloween
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Geeky (or just really really cute) Halloween costume suggestions for baby.

My son (who has sucked out most of my brainpower) will be almost 8 months old by halloween and I'd love to have a costume for him. Homemade or store bought suggestions are fine. He's currently wearing 18-24 month sized clothes.

Bonus points if there is a matching or complementary costume I (his mother) could wear.

Triple word score if his dad also had a matching or complementary costume.

His father and I are geeks so geeky/nerdy suggestions are great, also, if there are just a really really cute ideas, I'll take those too. I don't want to get too specific since I'd rather have too many ideas.
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Best answer: Him as Dr Who, you as the Tardis. Dad as... Amy?
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In my opinion, any time you make a baby look stereotypically evil, you've hit comedy gold. (Drawn-on moustache is key.)

Evil mad scientist and his henchmen (husband could be Igor, you could be bride of frankenstein or something)

Devil baby. One of you dresses up like an angel, the other one dresses like normal. Carry baby on your shoulder. Angel pops head over other shoulder.

Dictator baby.
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Best answer: If you can convince your husband to carry the baby on his back, the baby can be Yoda, your husband Luke, and you Leia.
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We dressed our daughter as a hot dog when she was 4 months old, with my wife and I as Ketchup and Mustard. We did the Yoda-backpack one year later, with my wife as Luke and me as Darth Vader.
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Nope, I was wrong. The answer is obviously Yoda, Leia, and Luke.
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I think my mother dressed me up as an eggplant once. (Special hat required).
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We were going to do Gordon, Chell and a headcrab.

Vimes, Sybil Ramkin and a baby dragon?
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ThePinkSuperhero has some excellent inspiration noted here.
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So. I cheated and searched Baby Halloween on pinterest.

I thought I had seen a flying spaghetti monster baby costume, but I think it was just This baby as a pot of spaghetti Mom can be a nun and dad can be some other religious figure. Or a chef if you like the pot of spaghetti more than the spaghetti monster.

Lobster, to continue the food theme, along wiht the previously mentioned Hot dog, ketchup, and mustard costumes.


Dobby the house elf from Harry Potter. Add whatever other HP characters you and your husband look like.

Rainbow Brite and Twink for a mom and baby costume.

If the kid is a relatively immobile 8 months, how about shark! or sushi!

And on preview, I see that someone else has linked to pinterest since I started. So, search Baby Halloween and have fun!
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Best answer: When I was a baby, my mom dressed up as the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz, and I was her heart.
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Farmer, farmer's wife, and chicken (or piglet) under your arm. I'm sad we didn't do this last year when our baby was still a baby.
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Star Trek IV: You and Dad are George and Gracie, (whale costumes would involve matching beanie hats and great sweats with painted belly speckles), baby is Spock (baby bathrobe and headband, comfy!).
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er, grey sweats, that is. don't use your great sweats for a painted up halloween costume.
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Wicked Witch of the West and flying monkey. Dad can be straw man, probably the easiest costume.
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Or Dorothy, Straw Man and (baby as) Toto.
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Another Star Wars variant : Baby as R2D2
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Babies pretty much look like pastramis already. Stick him between some slices of bread and one of you can be the mustard and the other is a pickle spear.
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Our son was a caveman-baby in a brown terry-cloth towel cut and hand-sewn into a one-shoulder robe like BamBam from The Flinstones. His father and I weren't Fred and Wilma, but we could have been if we'd thought of it.

Another year we were all pirates, with Daddy being Captain Hook. This is the easiest, EASIEST costume to throw together convincingly. Pirates and Halloween go together like toast and jam.
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Here's my favorite from Pinterest. Note: it's disturbing.
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Best answer: My then-11-month-old was an astronaut and it was adorable. Also he kept it on. That's important.
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Oh my god I have totally changed my mind, mom should be Ellen Ripley, dad should be Kane, and the baby should be the chestburster. DO THIS AT ONCE I COMMAND YOU.
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One of my friends was actually responsible for this infamous chestburster costume. Another year I believe he followed the same trend and dressed as the exosuit cargo-loader from Aliens, with his baby strategically attached to represent Ripley.
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Silver Surfer and Galactus.
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I made this chicken costume for my daughter last year, and it was a huge hit. I used cheap feather boas from the dollar store.
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Best answer: Friends did Cruella DeVille, one of the puppy robbers, and the baby dressed as a dalmatian puppy from 101 Dalmatians.
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Cheap and easy, not uncomfortable:

Dad wearing black plastic garbage bag, arm holes cut out. Fabric fall leaves in his hair. Dad carries Babe with fabric leaves pinned to clothing. (ball of leaves) Mom carries rake, wears overalls and a straw hat.

Cuteness rules.
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Best answer: We call our kiddo "bug," so I put him in black clothes on which I painted ones and zeroes in glitter. I found sparkly green wings and antennae. My partner and I went as pair programmers, which involved me borrowing one of his geeky shirts and him wearing what he always wears.

We're considering having our toddler go as a jawa this year. He makes the right sounds...
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I was totally coming in to suggest kuato, too.
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Star Trek Science Officer. Mom and dad can be command and engineering (or vis versa). We bought a blue T-shirt, black pants, and got the emblem off a seller on ebay who made and sold star fleet insignia.
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I am scrolling down w/o reading just to say that I've seriously considered having a baby for the sole reason of wearing a chef's hat and coat (dad could be a fisherman) and carrying lobster-costumed baby trick or treating in a giant pot.

Don't judge me.
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Owlbear. (Owl hat + bear onesie.) Mom and dad could be stereotypical D&D adventurers (maybe a fighter and a wizard).
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My kid says "Boo!" a lot (he will be 17mos by Halloween) so I am thinking of dressing him as a ghost, and trying to convince dad to dress as a Ghostbuster.
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My 8 month old had a lot of hair on his first Halloween, so we made it stick up with hairspray and colored it white, gave him a mustache and lab coat and he was Baby Einstein.

Mustaches on babies are hilarious.
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I'm still a big fan of putting the baby in a gorilla suit and dressing Mom or Dad as the Empire State Building.
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