Project Management software with a sticky caveat
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I want to share documents between team members but don't want them to be able to delete or alter the files there. snowflakees inside

We're a local council that reviews projects and developments around our village before they are granted building permits.

We'd like a portal of some sort for developers to be able to drop plans and associated documents for projects for our council to review and comment on. The caveat is we don't want the developers to be able to be able to remove or alter the plans once they are uploaded. Once they are there, they stay there unchanged.

We have Backpack from 37Signals and will probably move our stuff to Basecamp in the near future. It would be very easy to create a new project in Basecamp for each developer or project and then send them invitations to it but Basecamp has no way to allow for "upload only" team members.

An FTP site would be the simplest solution but does not allow for anything other than uploading files (no comments, timelines etc.)

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You could do this with SharePoint, if you already have a portal and a website, adding SharePoint is pretty easy.

Can you host the functionality on your existing website, or does it have to be a fully separate hosting site? If so, Box might allow for this.
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We don't have Sharepoint. We do have a website that is not Microsoft based, if that matters. We could host the functionality on our website, but it does not have to be there.
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Dropbox with DBinbox might be a good solution. It's what I use when I'm gathering materials for conferences. They send the files to my Dropbox, and only I and a couple of other folks have access to the actual Dropbox folder.
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Send to Dropbox sounds good but it would appear to have the same problem we have now with developers sending us plans via email: usually the file attachments are too large for any particular server along the way (ours or theirs) and messages get rejected.
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Sorry, I used and subsequently edited the URL - DBinbox is what I meant, which doesn't go through email.
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Ah, didn't see the edit before I replied. I will check that out.
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I checked out DBinbox but I will need several "project" folders and it appears that DBInbox does not allow you to break out different folders. It all goes into a single one.
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