What are good books on Korean culture for a recent k-drama addict?
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My mom has recently become addicted to Korean dramas, and not having much pre-existing knowledge of Korean culture, she always has a lot of questions about cultural details. Her birthday is coming up and I'd like to get her a good book about modern Korean culture.

Historical context is a plus, but she mostly likes dramas set in modern times. Overall cultural information is great, but she tends to have very specific questions about nuances of behavior, like "Why are they doing this particular action in this particular setting?" Thank you for any book recommendations that you have!
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Not a book and can't be given as a gift, but Ask a Korean is an excellent Korean culture & history blog. I enjoyed the heck out of it when I was in a k-drama phase myself.


Edit: come to think of it, there are probably some book recommendations on the blog.
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The book Why Do Dramas Do That?, by the esteemed javabeans and girlfriday of dramabeans.com, was literally written for this exact purpose. Unfortunately I think it is only available for Kindle - not sure if that is a problem for your mom or not.
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