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I just moved from chicago where I had the best dr at northwestern. this new dr says that I have PCOS and wants to put me on birth control. yet I was not impressed by this dr, she seemed, well I just didn't feel that I was in good hands, and I would like to try lifestyle and diet before jumping right in to drugs. Does anyone know a great intregrative dr in boston, or how I can find one? I also worked with a student who was studying health coaching, and she was really helpful in helping me deal with my food phobias, cooking and meal planning, the whole foods in chicago also had great classes- I have not found any of that here in boston. any ideas? thanks!!
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The Marino Center for Integrative Health in Cambridge. I don't know a doctor there personally, but perhaps check them out.
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Here's a list of integrative physicians at Boston University.

This list might also be helpful to you.
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Birth control is no longer the standard of care for PCOS. If you can't find an integrative physician you might try an endocrinologist next.
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