Budgeting software for biweekly paychecks?
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This question was posted three years ago, but none of the answers seemed to have worked out and technology moves so fast that I thought I'd check in. Is there a budgeting program that will let me do a biweekly budget?

Preferred features include: app (for iphone); ability to set up recurring bills on a monthly basis too (e.g. my Netflix is billed on the 8th, so that biweekly budget should include Netflix while the other doesn't). Syncing with bank accounts is essential; if I wanted to manually enter transactions, I'd just use Excel.

I've tried YNAB and Mint, but have found them unfriendly towards biweekly paychecks. The previous poster got more financial advice than I think they anticipated, so just to be clear: I have a savings account and am not living paycheck to paycheck, and I do live my life and think of my finances on a biweekly basis so monthly budgeting just doesn't really work well for me.

Does this software/app exist?
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Biweekly paychecks is nearly the norm in the US. All of these programs are fine with whatever frequency of income you have, but they do set budgets on a calendar month (28-31 days). This is because most people think of budgeting big monthly bills like rent, mortgage, loan payments. It also means you only reconcile your budget and accounts 12 times a year.

Are you looking for something that would let you budget 50% of your rent from one check, and 50% from the next? These bills happen every month, and importantly, not every month will contain 2 pay periods. Thus, if your month was a 3 paycheck month, you wouldn't need to budget 50% of rent from paychecks 1 and 2 and 3.

Importantly, the interval of your budget is an arbitrary abstraction. If you're not living paycheck to paycheck, it doesn't really matter what interval your budget is in.
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YNAB handles this. Their blog on fortnightly paychecks.
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I also thought YNAB wouldn't work very well for biweeklies, but the tutorials had some good solutions. I chose the method of budgeting according to the total that comes in most months. For the two extra-paycheck months, we distribute some where extra is needed, and dump the rest into our emergency fund. (I don't remember the other options; sorry.)
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