Memory foam mattress in Japan?
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So Tuft & Needle and the like are pretty cool and exciting, except I live in Japan. What options, if any, do I have for a Double-size good memory foam mattress in Japan? Like, not just a topper.
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Tempur are probably the best-known manufacturer but can be a bit pricey as a result. The Japanese store locator seems to be here, though I'd imagine that the resellers it lists will have other options to try in-store.
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Response by poster: Yeah, given everything I've heard about them, they're good, but you can get much cheaper alternatives that are pretty much just as good, apparently. Like, ideally we'd be looking for something closer to the ¥50,000 range here.
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Are you close to an Ikea? They have mattresses, and aren't that expensive. Last I checked, they had memory foam mattresses as well.
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Response by poster: Are they any good as mattresses? We're moving to Kyoto in a month.
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Honestly, I wouldn't be able to tell you. My current mattress is an older ikea mattress, a rock hard box spring (back issues). We looked at mattresses there a while back, and I personally thought they were all too soft, but then again, I'm someone who doesn't mind sleeping directly on the floor when it comes to mattress firmness. If you're near one, check them out. Nitori is pretty much the most direct competition to ikea, so you might check there, too. Not as inexpensive, and honestly not as good as ikea, at least in my experience.
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