My light fixtures need a lift
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I did a really amateurish job of installing this light fixture in the basement apartment of my house four years ago, and now it's sagging out of the ceiling. Is there anything I can do to brace it back in place? There are actually three of these fixtures that are sagging, though this is the worst one.
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The spring clips that hold those fixtures in place do lose their "memory" over time, and the torque from removing and replacing bulbs tends to grind away at the raw edges of the sheet rock.

You can replace the spring clips, and you can put a dab or two of silicone caulk on the top of the decorative flange to minimize the twisting when you change bulbs.

Note that those fixtures are not as energy efficient as current models, so you might want to look at new offerings while you're shopping the clips.
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Make sure it's really the clip that's causing the sag, and that not the fixed part to which the clip attaches. If the former, replace clips. If the latter, get up in there and tighten or re-set screws.

The fixture itself has no bearing on energy efficiency. You are using a CFL which is fine. Replace it with an LED when it dies.
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