How do I find and eject (or eradicate) this damn cricket?
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This loudly chirping bug is right by me - it's been migrating from the back room to the dining room over the course of several hours - but I can't see or find it. My dog seems to be intimidated, and he's the reason I won't use chemical sprays.
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Place pieces of duct tape, sticky side up, near where you believe the crickets are hiding. The crickets will try to eat the tape—they are attracted to the adhesive—but will get stuck to it instead.

And, if it helps, they only live a few weeks...
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This wikihow article has a few different methods for building traps. Maybe try a few of them.
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Response by poster: Thank you both!
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You've probably solved this problem by now ( I hope!) but a damp washcloth left in a corner will usually have the cricket in it by morning.
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