How to find the best hamstring physical rehabilitation expert anywhere?
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I have had multiple hamstring muscle surgeries. According to my surgeon, I currently don't need any more surgeries, and I have just completed 1 year of rehab, but not with a hamstring rehabilitation expert. I would like to seek out the best hamstring physical rehabilitation expert in USA (or if they're really good, anywhere in the whole world), and go receive physical rehabilitation from them. Who is the best hamstring physical rehabilitation expert in the world? How can I find him/her?
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I would figure out which professional sports have the highest incidences of hamstring injuries and find out who the top clubs send their players to see. From a European perspective, I'd start with the top European soccer leagues - England, Spain, Italy, Germany. Here for example is a mention of an Everton player going to see a German specialist.
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Response by poster: Cool, I'm sold. Any idea on how to find the doctor in Munich Germany mentioned in that article? Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt, I googled around and couldn't find a clinic he works at, nor contact information for him.
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