Gifts for liberal, active, outdoor peeps?
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I want to get birthday gifts for two liberal, active outdoor people. Ideas? Hoping for real objects to give under $50.

One used to be/is still into the punk scene, is a musician, vegetarian, hiker and bicycler. Other is into scuba diving and hiking, training for fire/EMT.

If you can throw me some ideas of things they might appreciate, I'd appreciate it. Neither have immediate equipment lacks that jump to my mind, so things that might not be on everyone's radar, but are awesome to have once you know, would be on target.

Examples that would be good gifts (but alas, are covered) might be a good multitool or camelbak. I'm hoping for something practical, but I'd be open to giving art (music? etc.) of some kind that was awesome.
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Maybe a gift certificate to somewhere for some kind of experience? I'm thinking kayak rental, guided rock climbing day trip, meal at a great vegetarian restaurant, some kind of class.
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A candle lantern is awesome to have once you know about them.
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Oh, just load up the Tom Bihn accessories page, close your eyes and point at the screen. Pick whatever you landed on. Personally, I would love a packing cube shoulder bag or backpack - pack your clothes inside for when you are en route, then empty it out and use it as a daypack.
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A season pass to federal or their state parks.
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I really like this chair from REI, conveniently on sale this week for $49.99. I've only taken it on a one night backpacking trip but would probably take it more often if my husband wouldn't make fun of me.

If you have a lot of time for shipping, maybe an extremely bright headlamp.

This energy bar cookbook is on my wishlist but I haven't actually tried it yet: Power Hungry.

My friend has one of these lights and it was really good for lighting up dinner while camping.
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Waterproof smartphone case (if they have smartphones).
Good headlamp (I like Zebra Lights).
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Get 'em hammocks! You can get a decent, lightweight (for hiking, packing, etc) hammock for under or around $50.
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My brother has a lightweight packing hammock and it's awesome. I also use my headlamp ALL the time... Planes, reading in bed, fixing the kitchen sink, and camping....

Gift basket of goodies from Trader Joes... Dried fruit, nuts, candy etc.
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Waterproof smartphone case

I got one of these for kayaking and it's great, truly great. Good headlamps, nice LED ones are also great.
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Titanium spork. There are others that are even more sporklike. Plus, you get to say "titanium spork."
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These lightweight, inflatable, waterproof "sit pads" or "trail seats" allow you to have a comfy seat anywhere you happen to be hiking...great in the rain, wet grass or muddy conditions, dusty dirt, even on snow. I would never have bought one for myself, thinking them an unnecessary luxury, but I received one as a gift and now take it along everywhere! They pack really small, are quick to deploy or fold up when you're done and actually really help you keep warm and less sore which I find important out in the wild.
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Not just a hammock but ties, too. I have ones like these (maybe not that exact model) and love them.
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Just a note of caution, a lot of people I know who are outdoor/athletic types have pretty specific ideas about what gear they are interested in. They would be stoked about recieving gear that was within those parameters but it can sometimes be difficult for others to know what those parameters are. So, ask yourselves if that sounds like it might be these people and include a gift recipe.

(Advice from a liberal, hiker, biker, and EMT.)
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As a liberal, active outdoor person myself, I would second any kind of headlamp. I got one as a gift a few years ago and it's one of the most useful things I own.

Maybe a gift certificate to EMS or REI so they can pick what they want?

And I don't really have a need for this wood burning charger, but it's one of the coolest gadgets around if you find yourself off the grid for a few days.
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Thanks everyone. Some nice ideas. It helped.
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