Does anyone have any information on the Obon Matsuri in Takayama, Japan?
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Hello all, I'm looking at being in Takayama for Obon Festival this year, but I can't find any information on the dates they celebrate it or what exactly they do for it. I've searched in both English and Japanese, but my Japanese-language search skills are terrible. Any information you all could provide would be extremely helpful! Thank you. :) Best, Joe
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Best answer: It appears the matsuri (festivals) Takayama is famous for occur in the spring and autumn - here's their tourism page on the subject.

For events planned during Obon period, if you try selecting August here, there's a light-up thingy for their bridge, and a summer festival in Fukuji onsen which might not be in Takayama itself (?). This site has events for each month from all over Gifu if you're interested! (Select the time period e.g. June-Aug, from the left menu bar)
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Best answer: Whelp, here's a much more comprehensive English version of their site:
As you can see there will be various smaller events including a fireworks display and dancing.
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